Anti-Terror Multinational Military Exercise

Gurugram,(Ravi Dahiya): The fast-expanding domain of the latest ultra-modern next-generation technology in the hands of non-state and state terrorist organizations is attributable to the quickly changing face of the modern battlefield.

The series of bilateral military-diplomatic cooperation between India and Russia has been cautiously observed and monitored by China and Pakistan. By design or default, both countries are observers in Zapad 2021.

Though Zapad is a normal routine type military exercise between Russia and Belarusian, but Zapad 2021 has totally changed the dynamics under the changing face of threat perception in Central Asia. The aim of the exercise was amended to BOOST ANTI-TERROR COOPERATION BETWEEN COUNTRIES

Troops from more than a dozen countries, including India, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Mongolia, are taking part. A contingent of 200 personnel of the Indian Army personnel conducted combat free fall, special heliborne operations and other defensive manoeuvres during multinational military exercise ‘Zapad’ in Nizhny, Russia.

Indian forces, as a part of coalition forces, conducted maneuvers to counter-terrorist activities.


Under the prevailing circumstances, India will play a lead role in establishing multinational Anti-terror cooperation. the changing threat perception will tilt the pivotal point to Central Asia. Countries like Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan with Russia, and India will have to evolve multi-dimensional strategies against the growing menace of cross-border terrorism.

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