Suryam Tapah Pathshala (Runs Under Capalik Foundation)

Suryam Tapah Pathshala (Runs Under Capalik Foundation) Claimed

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Suryam Tapah Pathshala (Runs Under Capalik Foundation)
Name: – Dimple Murgai
Designation: – General secretory of Capalik Foundation
About Foundation
Capalik Foundation & Suryam Tapah Pathshala is a Non-Profit Organization. It was stated by and with inspiration from Shri Suryam Mansoon (‘Shri Suryaji’) a Spiritual Guru and healer. He used to watch underprivileged children in the city of Gurgaon (Haryana state, India) loitering about the streets, instead of going to school. Most of these children came from backgrounds of poor rag-pickers and manual laborers families who neither could afford their school education nor felt the need to send them to school. A school named Suryam Tapah Pathshala was started by Capalik Foundation in the year 2010 in a small rented location near the slum area where such children resided. Besides free education, milk and other nutritious items were provided to children in order to encourage them to keep attending school. The mission of Capalik Foundation is “Free education with one free meal and regular free health checkup for every underprivileged child in school.”
Present Scenario:-

Future Plans:-
Better School Premises and facilities
Skill Development Centre (Computer/Sewing) for children and women
Better Qualified Teaching Staff
Public Outreach Program
Establishing a network with similar NGOs in NCR





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