No More Silence On Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence


Gurugram – Domestic Violence – Neyha Chaudhary a practicing Advocate based at Gurugram conducted seminar on No More Silence on Domestic Violence on 7th October, 2023 at Rotary Public School from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

Observing October as a Domestic Violence Awareness Month,. this seminar aimed to raise awareness about domestic violence, promote a culture of respect and support for victims, and foster a safe and inclusive environment within our institution.

Chief Guest of the event:- MR. Manoj Kumar Chandra (Woman & Child Development Officer)
Ms. Sandeep Rai (Principal, Rotary Public School)
Keynote Speaker Adv. Neyha Chaudhary
Guest of Honour – Ms. Poonam Hooda (SHO, Civil Lines, Gurugram) Guest of Honour – Ms. Priti Mudgal (Protection Officer, South Delhi) Guest Speaker Ms. Praggatti Rao (Psychiatrist)

Mr. Manoj who is master in social work shared the evolution of women and its law. The evolution of women is a testament to resilience and progress. From historical limitations, women have fought for and achieved significant milestones in education, workforce, and leadership. Today, women excel in diverse fields, breaking barriers, and advocating for equality, shaping a more inclusive world for future generations


Domestic Violence


Advocate Neyha passionately supports the Domestic Violence Act, recognizing its pivotal role in safeguarding victims and promoting justice. She emphasizes its significance in providing legal recourse and protection for those trapped in abusive relationships. Neyha ardently advocates for widespread awareness about the Act’s provisions, ensuring victims understand their rights and resources available.

Through her advocacy, she strives to eradicate the stigma surrounding domestic violence, urging society to stand against this grave injustice. For Neyha, the Act symbolizes hope, empowering survivors to break free from the chains of abuse, fostering a safer environment, and underscoring the importance of empathy and support in the face of adversity.

Where SHO Poonam Hooda shared the police procedure under domestic violence cases and Protection Officer Priti Mudgal who has major role in Domestic violence cases defined true meaning of Domestic Violence and her role in handling such cases
Physical injuries can be seen but mental and emotional injuries cannot be seen and felt but it has more grief.

Ms Praggatti Rao who is a psychologists shared her insight on mental and emotional abuse and their effect on children out of broken marriages.

In conclusion, the Domestic Violence Seminar served as a powerful platform for dialogue, education, and empowerment. By bringing survivors, experts, and the community together, we ignited crucial conversations, dispelled myths, and fostered empathy.

The event not only highlighted the urgency of addressing domestic violence but also showcased the collective strength and determination to combat this issue. As we conclude, let us carry the knowledge gained and the spirit of unity forward, working tirelessly to create safe spaces, support survivors, and challenge societal norms.

Together, we can break the cycle of violence and build a future where every individual is treated with respect, dignity, and love.

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